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Mediation Trainers celebrate a birthday during an extension training

Mediation Trainers celebrate a birthday during an extension training

Our mission is to promote peace, unity and reconciliation among the people of Rwanda and to holistically contribute to the development of the Rwandan society.

The vision of our organization is to see Rwandese people living together in good relationship with one another in healthy, well-developed communities.

Our core values include: Peace (Shalom), Integrity, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Unity, Transparency, Openness, Discernment.


Friends Peace House Staff

Friends Peace House was created in December 2000 by the Evangelical Friends Church of Rwanda, a member of the Quaker branch of historically pacifist churches.  Friends Peace House was founded to be a witness to peace, reconciliation, and conflict resolution in Rwanda after the genocide and war of 1994.

We are a faith-based organisation, but we work without discrimination with regards to race, religion, or gender. FPH is a registered NGO in Rwanda and has an autonomous board of directors and independent finances.

Friends Peace House is known as Urugo rw’Amahoro in Kinyarwanda – the home of peace.

Current Activities:

  • Vocational training for vulnerable youth
  • Community savings and loans
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Trainings in conflict resolution, mediation, and trauma healing.
  • Volunteer counselors & mediators in Kigeme refugee camp
  • Returning refugee support
  • Collaborating with other NGO’s to promote peace and development work

You can learn about these projects and meet our staff under the Current Programs tab.

Staff on retreat

Since the start of our activities, Friends Peace House has grown significantly.  Over 30,000 individuals have been trained from all over Rwanda by FPH and are peace resources in their communities.  Over 65 groups have been formed as a result of trainings and these groups continue to develop themselves, their members, and their communities.

In 2004, our Alternatives to Violence Project trained more than 1300 village-court gacaca judges, teaching them listening and conflict resolution skills. Women in Dialogue was a program that bridged the divide between women survivors of the genocide and women whose husbands have been imprisoned for genocide-related crimes.

In recent years Friends Peace House’s focus has shifted more towards development, as an integral part of sustainable peace. Friends Peace House seeks to equip people to bring about positive change in the lives they touch and work towards a culture of peace that will last.

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